Team Knockout 2017 Cup/Plate

3rd September ’17 – Final

Fixture to be played on Finals Day @ Blue Anchor


Chequers 4ths v Old Jail



Brasted Wanderers v Plough Inn



8th August ’17 – Third Round/ Semi-Final

(Home v Away)


Real Blacksmiths v Chequers 4ths

Old Jail v Rose & Crown



Bird In Hand A v Brasted Wanderers

Portobello v Plough Inn



18th July ’17 – Second Round

(Home v Away)


Gamecock v Real Blacksmiths

Blue Anchor v Chequers 4ths

Three Horseshoes v Rose & Crown

Old Jail v BYE



Bird In Hand A v Bulls Head

Brasted Wanderers v Bird In Hand B

Westerham Sports Club v Plough Inn

Portobello v BYE



20th June ’17 -­ First Round

(Home v Away)

Bulls Head v Gamecock

Real Blacksmiths v Bird In Hand A

Brasted Wanderers v Chequers 4ths

Old Jail v Portobello

Rose & Crown v Plough Inn

Westerham Sports Club v Three Horseshoes 

Bird In Hand B v Blue Anchor